windows better than freebsd?

zteknofreak zteknofreak at
Thu Aug 14 18:43:43 PDT 2003

i've been trying to install freebsd on a sony vaio pcg-n505ve for a few
hours now. i know that this is not the first time a problem like this
has passed this list [google tells me so], but the solutions posted here
are not working. on boot, btx sees disk0 as the internal hard drive, and
disk1 as the cdrom. the kernel boots and sysinstall starts. i can do
basic partition info, but when i ask it to load files from cd/dvd it
tells me that no cd/dvd devices were found.

so i google.

google tells me that things will work if i add 'set
hw.pcic.intr_path=3D"1"' and 'set hw.pcic.irq=3D"0"' too the boot
loader. so i do this, and it doesn't work. the only other thing that
google can tell me is to try: 'set hw.pcic.intr_path="1"' and 'set
hw.pcic.irq="0"' this renders the system worse than before. when this
configuration tries to boot, the system hangs after 'ata0: at 0x1f0 irq
14 on atapci0'

at this point i try xp just because. it works flawlessly. i'm so not
happy with that.

can anyone help?


   zteknofreak at

unix: because rebooting is for adding new hardware.

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