Cvsup etc.

Stefan Malte Schumacher s.schumacher at
Thu Aug 14 09:15:50 PDT 2003


I would like to update my Kernel-Sources via Cvsup. I have read the
cvsup-Part in the handbook but I am currently unsure which tag to use. In
the example in the handbook "." is used but this seems to be more over the
bleeding edge that I want it. Just to make sure that I got it right : With
"." I get the latest development sources and with RELENG_5_1 I update my
sources to the latest version of 5.1-Release, which is although it is the
latest version different from what I get with ".", correct ?

I have already begun to update /usr/src with cvsup. What is the easiest way
to restore the sources from the CD ? 

And is there really now way to use ALT as Meta-Key in conjunction with
ISO-8859-15 under the console ?  


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