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Jesse Guardiani jesse at
Thu Aug 14 08:48:24 PDT 2003

Simon Barner wrote:

>> However, the more I use mount_smbfs or fstab,
>> the more I long for a GUI utility that I can
>> use to browse the "Network Neighborhood" and
>> mount any shares I desire under /smb or similar.
> I think LinNeighbourhood is what you want. You can browse your windows
> network with it, and mount shares with a double click.

A lot of people sent me private emails with their own
suggestions, but all were unusable (like Komba2 under FreeBSD -
I couldn't get it to compile) or inappropriate (like
one gentleman's suggestions of xsmbrowser, which acts
as a wrapper to Samba's smbclient and doesn't use
mount_smbfs at all).

LinNeighbourhood is perfect! Exactly what I was looking for!
I would have never found it without the suggestion either!


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