FreeBSD as router - performance vs hardware routers

Mykroft Holmes IV mykroft at
Thu Aug 14 08:25:34 PDT 2003

Kenneth Culver wrote:

>>As a Note, the top end routers out there, Junipers, run JunOS, which is
>>a FreeBSD variant. A Juniper M160 can route OC192's at wire speed
>>(That's 10Gb/s folks).
> However, the way those are set up, FreeBSD doesn't do the actual routing,
> as far as I can remember they upload a routing table to the line cards and
> transfer any changes to the routing table to the line cards, so the
> routing itself is done by high-speed hardware, and FreeBSD is mainly
> managing all the custom hardware. We did a similar thing when I worked for
> Ericsson with FreeBSD.
> Ken

That is correct, the routing for the line cards is done on dedicated 
hardware. Now, they also do route via the management interface, which is 
done by the kernel.


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