Hi Quick question

Kevin Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at daleco.biz
Thu Aug 14 07:30:42 PDT 2003

>From: "Eric Murphy" <eam404 at kingwoodcable.com>
>To: <questions at freebsd.org>
>Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 10:52 PM
>Subject: Hi Quick question

>Is there a command to browse files by pages?  When ever I ls in a
big dir, I can't shift page up for some reason.  This is very
>annoying =(

Heh, the replies here are good, but there's a humor possibility ...

Think about the old quote "Less is More" --- ls | more    ls | less

To Eric, one more thing:  on most terminals you can press the
"Scroll Lock" key and then use the arrow keys to browse the
terminal output up to the limit of its memory buffer ...

Kevin Kinsey

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