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Jeremy D. Pavleck judge at Pavleck.Com
Thu Aug 14 06:52:35 PDT 2003

I'm sure youll get a lot of great answers for what to run on another
FreeBSD box, but if you want something to run on a Win box checkout
Servers Alive! by Woodstone

It's free for up to 10 entries, but only $179 to check up to 5000 entries.
Does Ping, TCP services, UDP, DNS IPv6, Win server monitoring, Web
services, databases, netware, snmp, etc etc and sends alerts via
Pager/SMS, email, sound, MSN instant messenger, syslog or it can run a
program, update a web page, restart or reboot a windows box and a lot
Before my home network became more diverse and I learned about
mrtg/nagios/etc it's all I used and it works great.
I dunno how I found it, but I still use it in addition to my other tools.

Jeremy D. Pavleck
jeremy at

On Thu, 14 Aug 2003, Ben Dover wrote:

> I am looking for a monitoring tool that will notify my cell phone when my 
> FreeBSD box is down or off line.  It could be as simple as an application 
> that runs on another FreeBSD box or Win box and pings the server and when it 
> doesn't respond to pings it sends and alert to my cell phone.  I'm sure 
> there are more sophisticated programs out there to alert server status and I 
> would be interested in those too but something basic to get started would be 
> fine.  Thanks
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