Updates from 4.8-RELEASE to 4.8-RELEASE-p1

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Wed Aug 13 18:52:20 PDT 2003

in message <3F3ABA19.8090607 at obfuscated.net>, wrote Michael Conlen
> Michael Conlen wrote:
> >The second is a set of kernel patches a couple of days ago that
> >are not related to the realpath() issue.
> >
> >What kind of issues are normally slipped in to a RELENG branch
> >without a security notice?
> I also just noticed that in the last week the RELENG_4_8 branch
> went from FreeBSD-4.8-p1 to FreeBSD-4.8-p3.

Besides realpath changes in Aug 2003, so far this month changes (and
advisories) were ....

  FreeBSD-SA-03:09.signal                                     Security Advisory
							    The FreeBSD Project
  Topic:          Insufficient range checking of signal numbers
  Announced:      2003-08-10
  Affects:        All releases of FreeBSD up to and including 4.8-RELEASE-p1,
		  5.1-RELEASE (but see `Problem Description' below)
		  FreeBSD 4-STABLE prior to the correction date
		  2003-08-10 23:19:35 UTC (RELENG_4_8)

  FreeBSD-SA-03:10.ibcs2                                      Security Advisory
  Topic:          Kernel memory disclosure via ibcs2
  Announced:      2003-08-10
  Credits:        David Rhodus <drhodus at catpa.com>
  Affects:        All FreeBSD releases up to and including 4.8-RELEASE-p2,
		  2003-08-10 23:31:11 UTC (RELENG_4_8)

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