Configuring Sound Blaster 16 for FreeBSD5.1 & KDE3.1

KEW Martin martin.kew at
Wed Aug 13 18:24:04 PDT 2003


I am having problems configuring sound for a PnP ISA Sound Blaster 16 under FreeBSD5.1 with KDE3.1. I have followed the multimedia instructions in the handbook and rebuild the kernel with:

device pcm
device sbc

Then, using "grep pcm /var/run/dmesg.boot" it finds "pcm" on "sbc1", and I am able to play an audio CD using "cdcontrol". I have also modified my "/etc/sysctl.conf" adding:

sysctl hw.snd.pcm0.vchans=4
sysctl hw.snd.maxautovchans=4

Given that during startup KDE reports that it cannot find "/dev/dsp", I have tried to configure the settings of KDE in the control centre under its sound system IO dialog to set the custom device to "/dev/dsp0.0" then, "/dev/dsp0.1" and tried to test one of the KDE default notification sound, with no success.

I also noted that from the kernel rebuild their are no device files for:


Where the console history (from which I started KDE using startx) reported that KDE could not find a number of theses drivers. Noting that the only sound related device files are (X = 0 to 3):


At this stage I am running out of ideas, any help would be greatly appreciated.


PS: the console history also reports a broken pipe with a signal 15. I think this is unrelated.

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