problem adding subdisk to vinum

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at
Wed Aug 13 17:39:34 PDT 2003

On Tuesday, 12 August 2003 at 23:52:09 -0700, Shawn Ostapuk wrote:
> (Sorry for being so long, thought it would be less confusing and save
> additional questions to show complete vinum lists)
> At this point lv -r shows everything as up. same as above but with total
> size as 1172 GB. vinum list _looks_ perfect.
> su-2.03# vinum lv -r
> V pr0n                  State: up       Plexes:       1 Size:       1172 GB
> P vinum0.p0           C State: up       Subdisks:    11 Size:       1172 GB
> S vinum0.p0.s00         State: up       PO:        0  B Size:        152 GB
> S vinum0.p0.s01         State: up       PO:      152 GB Size:         28 GB
> S vinum0.p0.s02         State: up       PO:      181 GB Size:         76 GB
> S vinum0.p0.s03         State: up       PO:      257 GB Size:         76 GB
> S vinum0.p0.s04         State: up       PO:      333 GB Size:         76 GB
> S vinum0.p0.s05         State: up       PO:      410 GB Size:         76 GB
> S vinum0.p0.s06         State: up       PO:      486 GB Size:         76 GB
> S vinum0.p0.s07         State: up       PO:      562 GB Size:         74 GB
> S vinum0.p0.s08         State: up       PO:      637 GB Size:        233 GB
> S vinum0.p0.s08         State: up       PO:      637 GB Size:        233 GB
> S vinum0.p0.s09         State: up       PO:      871 GB Size:        152 GB
> S vinum0.p0.s10         State: up       PO:     1023 GB Size:        149 GB
> Either method results in an umountable and unaccessable filesystem.
> su-2.03# mount /dev/vinum/pr0n /data
> mount: /dev/vinum/pr0n on /data: incorrect super block
> su-2.03# fsck /dev/vinum/pr0n
> ** /dev/vinum/pr0n
>  CONTINUE? [yn] ^C

That's with the states shown above?  Really?  Are there any log

>> OK.  Start from your last status (volume up, plex corrupt, last
>> subdisk empty).  Set plex and last subdisk to up.  Run fsck and tell
>> me what you get.  If that works, try growfs.  If that workds, do a
>> saveconfig.
> I've probably added the new disk over 100 times now trying every
> possible option. ...

Despite all this, it still looks like pilot error to me.  Are you very
sure that every object in your volume was "up" when you tried that
fsck?  Are they still up afterwards?  No log messages?

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