5.1 system refuses to change slice via label

Andy Farkas andyf at speednet.com.au
Wed Aug 13 17:35:02 PDT 2003

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Nicole wrote:

>  Hello
>  I have a Fresh install of a 5.1-RELEASE system.
>  I need to change the layout of the disk by slicing up a current slice a bit
> more.  It is not used by anything and has been removed from fstab and the
> machine rebooted.
>  However when I go into sysinstall to use the label editor to change it I get
> an error when I try to "Write changes" to this disk and an IDE disk in the
> system as well.
> ERROR: Unable to write data to disk da0!

This has been complained about before on -current (where this
question shouldve been asked).

disklabel it manually (disklabel -e)


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