sendmail_enable="NO" /"YES"/"MAYBE" ?

Richard Shea freebsdQ0 at
Wed Aug 13 16:07:52 PDT 2003

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003 09:57:43 -0700, "Brent Wiese" <brently at>
> > Hi - I currently have sendmail_enable="NO" in my rc.conf 
> > file. This allows emails to be sent from the FBSD machine 
> > however I would like one other machine on the LAN to use the 
> > FBSD machine as a SMTP machine. 
> > 
> > I think sendmail_enable="YES" would do this but would then 
> > allow every other machine on the LAN to use sendmail ? Is 
> > there some way I could limit sendmail users by IP address ?
> For such a "simple" config, you should really consider using Postfix. Its
> in
> the ports. Its very easy to set up and do exactly what you want. 
I did consider it (and also QMail which I get the impression is easier to
configure than Postfix) but in this particular case it was a question of
"if we can do it on our server by changing some config files then do it -
otherwise find some other offsite server to do it". In general however I
take your point although my experience of any mail server is limited I do
get the impression that SendMail is not the best choice unless there's
some aspect of it you need badly.



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