All around system hang

Steve Loftis sloftis at
Wed Aug 13 11:24:38 PDT 2003

(I mentioned this earlier on the "newbies" list, but I was informed it 
was more of a "questions" question)

I have FreeBSD 5.1 installed on my box at home. Install worked smoothly 
the second time, we just kind of messed up because it had been awhile 
since my buddy installed his. Well anywho, it works... sorta.

The thing is this: after a number of hours of non-use, the machine just 
quits responding. A movement of the mouse, a few key presses on the 
keyboard don't help. I restart the machine and it during the initial 
boot when I can access the BIOS, the input devices work fine. Once it 
reaches the bootloader, the keyboard doesn't respond.

So I turn it off, unplug both keyboard and mouse (both of which are 
ps/2, btw) and then turn the machine back on. It works after that. 
However, after several hours of non-use, it does the same thing over again.

I would consider myself an intermediate when using Linux (RedHat 
5.x-7.x) and I've printed off the a good amount of the manual from the 
FreeBSD website.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.


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