Kernel - maxusers, NMBCLUSTERS etc.

Grant Peel grant at
Wed Aug 13 07:47:03 PDT 2003

Hi all,

I have one maching that is an internet server, it is fairly new and has
maxusers set to 132. This morning for the first time, I noticed 'Too many
open files in system' on this machine for the first time. As far as I can
tell, cron was the only process that crapped out and dumped.

I have been reading the nuclear physics pages regading setting these parms
in the kernel config, and need some hints.

1. Does anyone use the maxusers=0 parm? If so is it safe, ie does it
dynamicly set maxusers on-the-fly, or does it only set at boot time based on
the current number of users?

2. If above is not an option, What is the highest safe value for maxusers,

512 MB RAM
FreeBSD 4.7
1 GB Swap file.
Pent IV 1.4 GHz.

Any help would be appreciated.


Grant W. Peel
Server Admin
grant at

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