Restricting ICMP

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Wed Aug 13 06:42:55 PDT 2003

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> > Is it? I thought it was setuid root for a reason :o)
> ....
> > I just woke up, so it may well be I am just being stupid :o)
> Well, I didn't know ping needed suid. I stand corrected and
> apologise for any misleadings.
> /me is the stupid one... time to go to bed :)

If it makes you feel any better, I feel rather stupid too. :) Here I was,
thinking: "Hmm, chmod g+s, as means of allowing only folks in wheel access,
is not going to work;" whereas the glaringly obvious solution: to remove
execution-bits from "o" using chmod 4550, for some bizarre reason, escaped
me. :)

/me, feeling stupid too.

- Mark

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