Restricting ICMP

Ruben de Groot mail23 at
Wed Aug 13 06:09:17 PDT 2003

On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 10:01:03PM +1000, Andy Farkas typed:
> Mark wrote:
> > I am just not very fond of the idea of local users starting ICMP wars over
> > the net, using my server :) I have already had an instance where a web-user
> > did an excessive ping attack on one of his buddies. And, naturally, I want
> > to prevent that. The chmod u-s idea mentioned here, was a good idea. Except
> > that, prefereably, I'd like all of wheel to have access, and the rest not.
> > And that may be harder to implement.
> If your users play up, put your BOFH hat on and lart them.
> chmod'ing /sbin/ping is useless - users can compile their own version of
> ping.
They can compile all they want, but they can't make the command suid root,
which is required for ping to work.

ruben at ei:/home/ruben> cp /sbin/ping .
ruben at ei:/home/ruben> ./ping localhost
ping: socket: Operation not permitted

So I would say taking away the s bit (or the execute bit for others) can
be very usefull.


> Make your users aware that abusing ping (and other net resources) will get
> them kicked and banned from your system.
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