problem adding subdisk to vinum

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at
Tue Aug 12 22:45:22 PDT 2003

On Tuesday, 12 August 2003 at  9:40:49 -0700, Shawn Ostapuk wrote:
>> Vinum configs are additive.  You shouldn't redefine things that Vinum
>> already knows about.  As far as I can see with a superficial look, all
>> you need is:
>>> drive vinumdrive10 device /dev/ad7e
>>> 	sd name vinum0.p0.s10 drive vinumdrive10 size 0 plex vinum0.p0
> Thanks, I'll remember that in the future, for now that did not fix the
> problem.
>>> BUT, now i cant mount the old filesystem
>>> mount says invalid superblock, fsck says cant read block (and -b32,
>>> says same thing, ad nauseum), and growfs also errors out.
>> Looks like you added the subdisk in the wrong place.  What does vinum
>> lv -r pr0n say?
> before:
> su-2.03# vinum lv -r pr0n
> V pr0n                  State: up       Plexes:       1 Size:       1172 GB
> P vinum0.p0           C State: corrupt  Subdisks:    11 Size:       1172 GB
> S vinum0.p0.s0          State: up       PO:        0  B Size:        152 GB
> ...

Hmm, that plex shouldn't have been corrupt.  But plex states are
pretty meaningless anyway.

> after:
> su-2.03# cat /etc/
> drive vinumdrive10 device /dev/ad7e
>    sd name vinum0.p0.s10 drive vinumdrive10 size 0 plex vinum0.p0
> su-2.03# vinum create /etc/
> ..
> V pr0n                  State: up       Plexes:       1 Size:       1172 GB
> P vinum0.p0           C State: corrupt  Subdisks:    11 Size:       1172 GB
> ...
> S vinum0.p0.s10         State: empty    PO:     1023 GB Size:        149 GB
> the old filesystem is not accessable at this point. invalid superblock
> and other errors with fsck and growfs.

That's the kind of message I'd want to see.  But given that the
subdisk isn't available, that's not surprising.

> after chanigng the state to up "setstate up vinum0.p0.s10", the
> behaviour would also be the same.

Really?  Then I definitely want to see it.

> (i am still unsure as to the empty state it says, as the man page
> says that if adding a subdisk to a plex to a volume that has no
> other plex's it would bring the state to up immediately. (i am also
> not positive at this point the state was always set to empty, i
> believe at least a few times it did come up with State: up)

It's best to check this.  It shouldn't be up immediately.

> also, i have more than double verified the drive in the right place
> and is functioning. after having trouble i even re-fdisk'd the new
> drive (ad7e) and newfs's it resulting in zero errors or
> problems. the bios detects it quickly with no delays as well.

That's not the issue.  The real question is the states.  Getting
states right is a black art, and it's possible that that's your real

>>> from what i gathered appending a drive to the existing vinum config
>>> should not have any effect on the existing filesystem size/data,
>>> etc. i should be able to at the very least access it without any
>>> problems i believe.
>> Correct, modulo the fact that you've redefined a number of objects.
>> It's possible that you're tickling a bug in the process.
> It seems to have the same trouble even trying with the new configuration
> above where i simply append the config intead of resetconfig/create -f.
> If you have any other suggestions it would help alot, i've been going
> nuts for days now trying to get this new drive added -- normally a
> simple process.

OK.  Start from your last status (volume up, plex corrupt, last
subdisk empty).  Set plex and last subdisk to up.  Run fsck and tell
me what you get.  If that works, try growfs.  If that workds, do a

> Also let me say vinum (until now) has worked wonderfully for me. I've
> been using it for years and have never lost a single byte of data due
> to any vinum problems, I trust it with my most important data and sleep
> soundly at nite. Wonderful tool. 


> Thank you for your help as well.

You're welcome.

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