problem adding subdisk to vinum

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at
Mon Aug 11 22:16:31 PDT 2003

On Monday, 11 August 2003 at 21:41:00 -0700, Shawn Ostapuk wrote:
> I have an unusual (or at least usual problem for me) with vinum that
> I seem to be the only one suffering from.
> I'm running freebsd 4.8 RELEASE, generic kernel...
> I have about 10 drives making a terabyte or so with a simple concat
> using vinum. Normally whenever i add a new drive i just do the usual:
> fdisk drive, disklabel -e drive, copy c: to e: change type to vinum
> then edit vinum.conf from...
> drive vinumdrive0 device /dev/ad1e
> drive vinumdrive1 device /dev/ad2e
> drive vinumdrive2 device /dev/ad3e
> drive vinumdrive3 device /dev/ad8e
> drive vinumdrive4 device /dev/ad9e
> drive vinumdrive5 device /dev/ad10e
> drive vinumdrive6 device /dev/ad11e
> drive vinumdrive7 device /dev/ad6e
> drive vinumdrive8 device /dev/ad4e
> drive vinumdrive9 device /dev/ad5e
> volume pr0n
>  plex name vinum0.p0 org concat
> 	sd name vinum0.p0.s0 drive vinumdrive0 size 0
> 	sd name vinum0.p0.s1 drive vinumdrive1 size 0
> 	sd name vinum0.p0.s2 drive vinumdrive2 size 0
> 	sd name vinum0.p0.s3 drive vinumdrive3 size 0
> 	sd name vinum0.p0.s4 drive vinumdrive4 size 0
> 	sd name vinum0.p0.s5 drive vinumdrive5 size 0
> 	sd name vinum0.p0.s6 drive vinumdrive6 size 0
> 	sd name vinum0.p0.s7 drive vinumdrive7 size 0
> 	sd name vinum0.p0.s8 drive vinumdrive8 size 0
> 	sd name vinum0.p0.s9 drive vinumdrive9 size 0
> to
> drive vinumdrive0 device /dev/ad1e

Vinum configs are additive.  You shouldn't redefine things that Vinum
already knows about.  As far as I can see with a superficial look, all
you need is:

> drive vinumdrive10 device /dev/ad7e
> 	sd name vinum0.p0.s10 drive vinumdrive10 size 0 plex vinum0.p0

> BUT, now i cant mount the old filesystem
> mount says invalid superblock, fsck says cant read block (and -b32,
> says same thing, ad nauseum), and growfs also errors out.

Looks like you added the subdisk in the wrong place.  What does vinum
lv -r pr0n say?

> from what i gathered appending a drive to the existing vinum config
> should not have any effect on the existing filesystem size/data,
> etc. i should be able to at the very least access it without any
> problems i believe.

Correct, modulo the fact that you've redefined a number of objects.
It's possible that you're tickling a bug in the process.

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