CUPS w/ gimp-print *still *prints garbage on Stylus C82 after reinstall on 5.1-RELEASE

Matthew Graybosch matthew at
Mon Aug 11 19:16:46 PDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-08-11 at 22:07, David Johnson wrote:

> I don't see anything obvious in the error log either. What is the output 
> of "lpstat -v -l -p [printername]"? On my working C82, the relevant 
> lines are:
> device for stylus: usb:/dev/unlpt0
> Connection: direct
> Interface: /usr/local/etc/cups/ppd/stylus.ppd

Here's my lpstat output. I'd better check the CUPS manual and read up on
how to manually specify a PPD file.

device for inkjet0: usb:/dev/ulpt0
printer inkjet0 is idle.  enabled since Jan 01 00:00
        Form mounted:
        Content types: any
        Printer types: unknown
        Description: Epson Stylus C82 inkjet
        Connection: direct
        Interface: /usr/local/etc/cups/ppd/inkjet0.ppd
        On fault: no alert
        After fault: continue
        Users allowed:
        Forms allowed:
        Banner required
        Charset sets:
        Default pitch:
        Default page size:
        Default port settings:

> p.s. Reply to my address as well as well as the list.

OK, I just didn't want to bomb you with that error dump *twice*. Thanks
for helping me out.

Matthew Graybosch
"If you take a stand on a dead empty hand, 
never let 'em see your cards." --Savatage

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