FreeBSD loader and Linux

John McDonnell gorgarath at
Mon Aug 11 09:44:53 PDT 2003

> No, that's correct. You must install either LILO or GRUB in your Linux partition.
> (Side note: I have two hard drives -- ad0 has linux (from scratch) and ad2 has FBSD 5.0.
>  I made ad2 dangerously-dedicated (silly me!) so neither GRUB nor LILO will work in ad0.
>  So I had to make a boot floppy.)

I thought you could use a boot floppy as well, but for some reason, I've
never had any luck booting from floppy when I've tried so I "forgot" to
mention it.

> You're fine, but please quote the text you're replying to. Thanks!

Damn, I knew I was forgetting something. *lol* I blame it on the baby
crying making me forget to cite the message. That plus my client displays
the message in a window above the composing window which always makes me
forget that the message I'm replying to isn't actually in the message I'm

> -- Josh

Thanks for the reminders!

John D. McDonnell
Goroth Computing
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