Portupgrade Broke?

Bob Perry rperry4 at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 10 10:02:15 PDT 2003

It doesn't read the tree. It uses INDEX.db, which you are supposed to

>build after each cvsup of ports-all. To build INDEX.db, you need a 
>current version of INDEX. I get too many messages from "portsdb -U" and 
>use the sequence "make index" and then "portsdb -u". I run these 
>everytime I cvsup ports-all. The only time you can save is adding 
>"ports/INDEX" to your refuse file. There isn't any point in downloading 
>INDEX and rebuilding it immediately after cvsup finishes.
>If you have more ports in your refuse file, running portsdb -U is 
>probably your only choice. Make is known to stop when it hits a port 
>that is missing in your /usr/port fs.
I think I have a better understanding now of this process.  It's also clear
that I have to spend more time with the available documentation.

Thanks to you both for taking the time to help.


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