mysql-server-4.0.10 package

Clement Laforet sheepkiller at
Sat Aug 9 15:20:19 PDT 2003

On Sun, 10 Aug 2003 01:04:07 +0300
"Mikael Karlsson" <mikael.karlsson at> wrote:

> I'm trying to install MySQL-server-4.0.10 package in 4.8 release as it
> says right there under Requires: at this link
> that it REQUIRES both 3.23.55 and 4.0.10 mysql-clients and when I try
> to install it both are installed along as dependencies!
> I'm not really interested in compiling the port even if it only
> requires one client.

In fact, it's a nasty building related problem :-)
When you build mysql-server-4.x, p5-DBD-mysql is compiled with the
current version of mysql-client, by performing a simple test on MySQL
libs, if no libs are install, default is 3.23.
The main problem with this, is that, when the packages is built,
depedencies are not built, but install via packages,
then you have a nasty conflict.

3.23.x dependencies are added because native p5-DBD-mysql use 3.23 
driver for the Perl5 Database Interface (DBI)|/usr/ports/databases/p5-DBD-mysql/pkg-descr
|skv at|databases perl5|mysql-client-3.23.57 p5-DBI-1.37|mysql-client-3.23.57

It's a big headache to fix this kind of conflict, since the buid cluster
doesn't handle make-time switches.
I've made a patch to test it, and it's quite suboptimal :-)


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