Think outside of the box (Gawd, I hate that term)

Chris racerx at
Sat Aug 9 01:47:09 PDT 2003

Guys (and gals)

	As great as the *BSD's are - why are we not thinking ahead of the curve? 
Outside of the box? What do I mean? Well - why not develope our OS's to run 
on an arch. that isn't out yet - MAKE that new arch. just like Gates did so 
many years ago. He defined the x86 market - why can't we do the same?

	With all the thinkers out there (Jordan, Theo) wouln't that be thebetter way 
to go? 

Just a thought - and willing to confess, I have zero clue how to get there. 
But, we need to get there.

Best regards,

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