installation problems (partitioning)

Tadimeti Keshav keshav_tadimeti at
Fri Aug 8 05:06:27 PDT 2003

HI all,
I bought a new hard disk and want to have WIn98 and
Using FDISK, I created 1 primary (2GB) and 1 extended
partition (8GB) for Win98. Installed WIn98. Everything
was fine.
WHile installing FreeBSD, the partition manager (or
whatever it is called) recognized the first primary
slice (or partition). Of the remaining 28GB, I
allocated 10 GB for FreeBSD and proceeded with the
installation. I wished to have my MBR left intact.

When I rebooted, I could see *NOTHING*. Just a '/'
character. WHat could have gone wrong?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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