bsd at perimeter.co.za bsd at perimeter.co.za
Fri Aug 8 02:47:43 PDT 2003

Kris Kennaway writes: 

>> And I'm curious about dependencies.  For example, portupgrade's own version 
>> has not changed, and 'pkg_info -r portupgrade*' still shows 
>> ruby- as required. 
> Yes, as it should.  The port has not been upgraded, it has only moved
> location.  The next time it is upgraded, portupgrade will follow the
> entry in the MOVED file to the new location, and everything will
> continue to be just fine :) 
> Kris

Aaahh! - she be very pretty! 

OK - so I should learn a little patience (like my mother always told me - 
something about a virtue.....) and in due course the tango will be 

Thanks for taking the time out for me Kris. 


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