Traceroute issue

Bob Hall rjhjr at
Thu Aug 7 20:09:44 PDT 2003

On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 10:04:46PM -0400, questions wrote:
> I'm stumped. Running 4.8-RELEASE #9 I try to perform a traceroute to my
> ISP's gateway and I get nothing returned past my LAN gateway which is a
> NetGear Cable/DSL wireless Router model-MR814. But when I change hard
> drives and start-up the same box with Windows-2000 Server all traceroutes
> work just fine. In fact all machines running windows on the LAN have no
> problem getting results using the tracert command via a command window
> prompt. My ip settings are set at the same ip and netmask []
> on both the windows hard-drive as the FreeBSD hard-drive. I've looked
> every-where I can think of and see nothing wrong with the config. All
> other commands and services and processes seem to be working just fine, it
> is just this one command that returns all asterisks after the LAN
> gateway router's ip. Any suggestions greatly appreciated Thank you in
> advance -

I'm not familiar with hardware routers, but since this is the 
router/gateway for your LAN, I assume it includes a firewall. Incoming 
traceroute packets are always ICMP, but outgoing packets can be 
anything at all. Win uses ICMP, and FBSD uses UDP. If your firewall 
is using the default rules, they are likely to be set up for Win with 
no thought given to Unix. If that is the case, then you need a rule 
that allows outgoing UDP packets to pass through your gateway in the 
port range 33434-33523.

Bob Hall

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