problem installing /usr/ports/java/jdk14

Erick Smith desertfox at
Thu Aug 7 11:27:22 PDT 2003

I'm trying to build the java14 natively for FreeBSD.  (I've heard this can be 
done), but I keep running into this error:

===>  Checking if java/jdk14 already installed
/bin/mkdir -p /usr/local/jdk1.4.1
cd /usr/ports/java/jdk14/work/control/make/../build/bsd-i586/j2sdk-image && 
/usr/bin/find .  | /usr/bin/cpio -pdmu -R root:wheel /usr/local/jdk1.4.1
119711 blocks
cd /usr/ports/java/jdk14/work/control/make/../build/bsd-i586/j2sdk-debug-image 
&& /usr/bin/find .  | /usr/bin/cpio -pdmu -R root:wheel /usr/local/jdk1.4.1
441978 blocks
/usr/local/bin/registervm: not found
*** Error code 127

The 'registervm' program doesn't seem to exist on my machine.  Any ideas how 
to get around this?


Erick Smith

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