ISPs blocking SMTP connections from dynamic IP address space

Mykroft Holmes IV mykroft at
Thu Aug 7 10:36:51 PDT 2003

Doug Poland wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 12:34:45PM -0400, Lucas Holt wrote:
>>I do understand the counter argument about blocking ips.. but i think 
>>thats frustration talking.  Even if ip blocking is an improvement, it 
>>won't stop spam.
> Agreed, does anyone know why requiring reverse DNS isn't "good enough"?
> I've asked both AOL and Time Warner but have received no response.

These Residential/Dynamic blocks are usually reversed. And they cause 
the vast majority of problems that originate in North America. Frankly, 
alot of people simply blacklist 24.* for this reason.

If your provider's mail servers suck, and they have blocks tagged as 
Dynamic, and you have no other options, it's time to make a deal with 
someone to relay your mail for you.


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