FreeBSD 5.0 + Sun Blade 150

"Vadim Bondarev" vudz at
Thu Aug 7 08:10:04 PDT 2003

Good day.
I've a "little" trouble with installation a FreeBSD 5.0 on Sun Blade 150 SPARC64.
After preparing, installer tried to format a HDD and crushed - his write something looks liked on this:
WRITE on ad0 seq=0 fl=0

And restart 4 times, after this switched to PIO mode with that same result.

When I try to restart installed (boot cdrom) installed hanging up due disk detection:
ad0 WD.......

When I've launched LiveFileSystem CD and switch to Fixing mode, I found next:
ad0a-ad0f corupted - unknow file system
and no fdisk or format software present.

Can you help me in this situation?

Have a nice day,
Vadim Vudz.

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