What ports need to be open on a firewall to allow cvsup?

Simon Barner barner at in.tum.de
Thu Aug 7 06:23:11 PDT 2003


> The company I work for is implementing a new firewall, and there is some
> posibilty I might be able to get the apropriate ports to cvsup my FreeBSD
> machines open.
> Assuming pasive mode cvsup, what ports would I need open?

I think that the multiplexed mode is more appropriate for your needs
since the passive mode will need 2 TCP connections from your machine to
the CVSup-Server (one to the CVSup port 5999 and an abitrary other one).

If you use the multiplexed mode, however, CVSup will work with a single
TCP connection from your machine to the CVSup server's port 5999.

The cvsup(1) man page explains this in detail, but basically your
firewall must permit outgoing TCP traffic from your machine to
cvsup.server:5999 and incoming TCP traffic from cvsup.server:5999 to
your machine.

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