ISPs blocking SMTP connections from dynamic IP address space

dick hoogendijk dick at
Thu Aug 7 00:24:51 PDT 2003

On 06 Aug Lucas Holt wrote:

> You guys need to rethink this thing.  Reverse DNS checks are ok, but
> ip blocking for legitimate servers is silly.

I quote this again! It is _so_ true!

Armoring our mailboxes/servers by blocking others just because they make
use of dsl or broadband cable is just stupid.
You don't force such servers to not serve mail (relay at their isp). Why
should you deny people to run their own _complete_ mailserver? I myself
sometimes block an ISP, because they do not take care of spammers the
way they should (temporarely).

People can come at my door too to deliver some mail they want me to
have. Not only the mailman may do so at my house. Surely that means that
if you want, you can drop me some spam at home, but I refuse to armor my
mailbox w/ a lot of wood and nails ;-))

You can also overreact, and that's not OK.

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