Daniele Medri madrid at linuxmeeting.net
Wed Aug 6 17:23:43 PDT 2003

Hi guys,
I wanna play with FreeBSD 5.1 but some problems appear with my PCMCIA card. On 
Linux I need to add to /etc/pcmcia/config the following text:

card "Trust 100MBit"
  version "PCMCIA", "Fast-Ethernet"
  bind "pcnet_cs"

with cardinfo:
IO: 0x300-0x31f
IRQ: 5

I read this doc...


...but I can't use my card. On system boot, freebsd 5.1 recognize my card but 
after that I can obtain Link on for my eth connection. Trying with a 
friend-pcmcia-eth card always run ok.. what I need to do to enable my card as 
ne2000 compatible?

Please help me, Thank

Daniele Medri <daniele.medri @ libero.it>
homepage: http://www.linux.it/~madrid/

"Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive,
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