FreeBSD Install failure

John Cessor jfcessor at
Wed Aug 6 16:37:54 PDT 2003

I have been trying to install FreeBSD 5.0 onto a P4 2.8 with two
75 gig hard drives, one has WINXP on it and the other has
nothing. It also has a 48 speed cdrw in it, I have gone into cmos
and turned it down to dma33, I have tried using the    set
hw.ata.ata_dma="1" and hw.ata.atapi_dma="1" and also tried the
set hint.acpi.o.disabled="1" with no luck, it always hangs with
the below error.

ata1-slave:ATAPI identify retries exceeded
ad0: Read command Timeout Tag=0 serv=0  -resetting
ata0:resetting devices

and then just sits there, any help at resolving this would be

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