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Justin Burdine justin at
Tue Aug 5 07:36:34 PDT 2003

hmm, try using the pw command to create your users.  This is the command 
line version of adduser and enables you to create users with a $.

I use the following script to quickly add machine trust accounts...  
hope it helps.

#----- begin script -----#
#!/bin/csh -f

set MNAME = $1
set MGID  = 201
set MUID  = `cat muid`

/usr/sbin/pw useradd ${MNAME}$ -g 201 -u $MUID -c ${MNAME} -d /dev/null 
-s /usr/bin/false

/usr/local/bin/smbpasswd -a -m ${MNAME}

@ MUID ++

echo $MUID > muid
#----- end script -----#

note that it calls a file "muid" which contains the currently availble 
machine trust uid.  I started at 10000 and am now at 10050.  To create 
this file just do the following in the same directory that this script 
is in:

echo 10000 > muid

the usage is:

mtrust {machine_name}

no need to add the dollarsign on the command line as the script adds it 
for you.

BTW: I am no script genius...  as I am sure is quite obvious.  ;)


Bob Collins wrote:

> At 02:07 PM 8/4/2003 -0500, gfsd wrote:
>> Why can't i create a user with a $ on the end? For machine trust 
>> accounts i need to add each one by hand, instead of on the fly 
>> creation. When I use adduser it will not let me add a user with a $ 
>> on the end, is there a way around that?
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> That is to be expected in FreeBSD and Samba. It is in the notes. So, 
> what you do, is make your user. The edit, by hand, the password file. 
> vipw is the command to use. Add the $ and save the file.
> No real way around it that I know of.
> -- Bob
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