PC-style Console rendering with remote Xterm or rxvt? MEGAMGR

Chris Shenton chris at shenton.org
Mon Aug 4 12:31:39 PDT 2003

One of the four WD1200JB disks on my Dell CERC ATA RAID controller died
and I'm trying to get at the controller remotely.  Previously, I used:


which replicates the BIOS-level text interface to the controller:
create/destroy arrays, silence alarm (!), rebuild array...  I used it
at the system text console, which does not emulate a vt100.  It's very
convenient because I don't shutdown the system as I do with the
boot-time BIOS utility.

I'm currently remote and getting into the box remotely using xterm or
rxvt.  When I startup MEGAMGR, the text is briefly readable then gets
turned into something that looks like PC-line-drawing characters or
other unreadable trash.  Thus, this cool utility is unavailable to me
remotely.  Even when I'm home, this box lives in the basement and I'd
prefer to have a network-aware way to talk to it -- that I can read :-).

I'm guessing it's using various PC-style Console characters and line
drawing chars that are not present on xterm nor rxvt.  Is there some
kind of terminal I can use which does emulate the console behavior (is
this termcap's "at386" or something)? Or is it fonts/charsets I don't
have?   I looked in ports but didn't see anything which sounded

I just got a little success by cruising the termcap file and selecting
one which said it didn't do the pseudographics, from within my xterm:

  setenv TERM vt100-nac

It kinda works but it's a little ugly and still difficult to read for
using such a powerful/dangerous tool.  Suggestions welcomed.


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