easy screen dumps?

Todd freebsd at www.webpath.net
Mon Aug 4 12:17:37 PDT 2003

Have the Gimp installed? It'll acquire a screen shot and allow you to 
edit it if you need.

I don't think it has a command line screen dump though if you are doing 
it remotely?

stan wrote:

>I need a few screen dumps to include in a bit of documentation for some of
>my FreeBSD systems. 
>Sugestions as to an easy way to get these from my X sesion would be
>I have used xgrab in the past, but while the port builds, and the front end
>runs fine, the back end (xgrabsc) just core dumps on a recent STABLE build
>I'm remebering xwd, but i cna remeber how to convert it's, output to
>something useful.

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