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vizion communication vizion at
Mon Aug 4 08:15:49 PDT 2003

Inthat casethe automated message which tell people  with
whom to communicate when they get thrown off the list needs
to be changed so that when something is clearly wrong you do
not get a seemingly inane response when you follow the

Just who is responsible for :
1. Maintaining the wording of the automated reply
2. The rules which generate the automated reply
3. The rules which interprete whether ort not someone has
"excessive bounces"
4. The rules which should determine whether someone gets
thrown off the list or not

At the moment I perceive this problem being excessively
bounced around with noone taking responsibilty to deal with
it. The problem has been around for at least 6 months.

Look something is clearly wrong here -- the whole thing
needs looking into - every reply I get from anyone appears
to be defensive rather than pro-actively empathetic - sothe
correspondence is getting protracted and  I am beginning to
feel irritated -


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> All of the *-owner at FreeBSD.ORG addresses (for all of the
> managed mailing lists) map to the list
"moderators at FreeBSD.ORG",
> which is a list that:
> * is restricted to the folks doing mailing list
administration at
>   FreeBSD.ORG and
> * is a posting-by-subscribers-only list.
> In other words, this is normal.
> If you want to discuss mail delivery with someone, write
to postmaster at .
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> david      (current hat: postmaster at
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products is not
> consistent with reliability.  I recommend FreeBSD for
reliable systems.

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