pw_mkdb() failed in rpc.yppasswdd

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Sun Aug 3 21:19:32 PDT 2003

In the last episode (Aug 03), Jin Guojun said:
> When using yppasswd to change a user password, rcp.yppasswdd failed in two ways:
> change passwd from root on NIS server:
> ------- server syslog messages ---------
> passwd: in pam_sm_chauthtok(): yppasswd_local(): failed to connect to rpc.yppasswdd: 
> nis.server.$DOMAIN: RPC: Program not registered
> change passwd from a user on either NIS server or a remote machine:
> ------- server syslog messages ---------
>  rpc.yppasswdd[349]: pw_mkdb() failed
>  passwd: in pam_sm_chauthtok(): yppasswd_remote(): NIS password update failed
> ========= end of messages =========
> This is on 5.1 release. What would be the problem?

I believe both bugs have been fixed in -current.  Updating the sources
to rpc.yppasswd and rebuilding it should work, if you don't want to
update the entire system.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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