Need some help =(

Jonas Anderson jonas at
Sun Aug 3 12:17:41 PDT 2003

On Sun, 3 Aug 2003, Eric Murphy wrote:

> Hi! I am pretty new to FreeBSD, however, I do really enjoy useing it,
> its a GREAT server platform.  Anyway, on to my question.  I for the life
> of me can't figure out how to update my system.  Everything I read
> REALLY confuses me.  I was hopeing it would be something as simple as
> emerge world or system like in Gentoo Linux.  Anyway, If you could give
> me a step by step newbie install guide, that would help VERY much!
> Thanks

Hi Eric,

Reading the FreeBSD handbook on the FreeBSD website should give you a
fairly comprehensive walk-through of upgrading your system.

The exact link is this:

Hope this helps.

> -Eric


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