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>Subject: Default ACL entries.
>Hi there!
>Does anyone know how to set default ACL entries?
>Any examples how to use -d, -k, -X switches with setfacl?

# setfacl -dm u::rwx,u:nobody:rwx,m::rwx,g::rx,o::rx /foo
There are three required ACL entries: u::,g::,o::, that unlike files acls
doesn't exist when you set default acl for first time, so don't forget
to set them. (BTW I have patch for setfacl somewhere that check default
acl for missing entries)

# setfacl -k /foo
This will remove default acl for "foo" directory.

# setfacl -dX acls /foo
Where "acls" file contains entries like these:

>This is all different to Solaris... ;)
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