Question about portsdb -uU

dick hoogendijk dick at
Sat Aug 2 03:01:19 PDT 2003

On 02 Aug Hasse wrote:
> I have a question about portsdb -uU
> After a ports cvsup, does it replace the command make index in
> /usr/ports ?  Or do you recommend to use both ?

portsdb -uU *DOES* replace the "make index" from /usr/ports.

However: while is _is_ quicker, it has some disadvantages!
I advice you to use:
# make index
# portsdb -u
The "make index" is more accurate! It "sees" all the ports, while
portsdb -U sometimes misses some. I like to have a 100% score because a
lot of actions (deps i.e.) depend on a 'sound' portsdb.

> Someone told me portsdb -uU is a lot faster, but it don't seem to be
> that on my computers.

On my computer it is (was) faster, but I want quality, so who cares. I
can still work on my machine, can't I, while the index is being
generated ;-))

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