VMWare and FreeBSD 4.8 on my laptop

Peter Nugter info at mapswap.nl
Fri Aug 1 10:58:47 PDT 2003

I am sorry if this is the wrong mail address but - as a newbe - I have a

I installed on my laptop (using Windows XP; SP 1) VMWare 4 which runs O.K.

I installed a virtual machine (VMWare 4) and was able to install FreeBSD
4.8 as a "guest" on it.

Although the configuration of XFree86 (which is not cooperating well with
the ATI Radeon IGP 340M) was a hell of a job - for an unexpierenced FreeBSD
user - FreeBSD 4.8 runs well now.

But now I want to connect my FreeBSD virtual machine to the internet.

I did understand from the VMWare manual that a NAT device allows me to
connect FreeBSD through my "host"-laptop to my provider. VMWare uses than a
so called VMnet 8 switch.
My provider gives me a different IP each time when dialing.

But when starting Konqurer: I only get the message "host not found" (of
course I already have a connection by way of my XP-host!).

I must confess - as I have little knowledge of advanced networking - that I
do not have the slightest idea what to do.

Is it just the right configuration inside VMWare or do I have to configure
some files inside FreeBSD?

Another question:

The VMware handbook (page 193) suggests that one also can make an internet
connection by using a "host-only" network and let Windows do the job by
using the Internet Connection Sharing Wizard.
But it does not work. Windows "tells" me that something during the
installation went wrong.

Has someone any experience with these matters?

Thank you very much for helping me!!!

Sincerely yours, Peter Nugter.

E-mail: mapswap at hetnet.nl

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