FreeBSD behind a PROXY and unnatural Proxy Ports settings in our LAN

Rommel B. Ikeda r_ikeda at
Fri Aug 1 03:16:17 PDT 2003

Thanks for the reply,
> Have you tried to set the FTP_PROXY and HTTP_PROXY environment
> variables? fetch (the program ports use to get the distribution files)
> will honor them (more in fetch(3)).

When I first tried to instal CVSup, I really had a hard time in doing it...after a long time of research using Google and Netscape Search...I stumbled on a Thread that mentioned about how fetch's honors the HTTP and FTP mentioned in one's environemnt...Since FreeBSD has set me up to use Bourne Shell ($, I hope I am right)...I then put

http_proxy=; export http_proxy
ftp_proxy=; export ftp_proxy

in my .shrc file located my directory and I was able to download and install the cvsup Port...I thought that finally I can use cvsup and install all the Ports that I turns out that...Yes, I was successfull in installing Sylpheed, but no I could not download and install the ports vilearn, kinput2-canna, but again I was successfull in installing Canna, and Eterm.

Now, I do not know why I can download some Ports and can not on others...

Rommel B. Ikeda

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