Nvidia Drivers + FreeBSD AGP + Big textures = Problems

Karel J. Bosschaart K.J.Bosschaart at tue.nl
Fri Aug 1 02:21:04 PDT 2003

On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 12:25:37AM +0200, Mica Telodico wrote:
> Hi all ,
> I'm getting problems with FreeBSD AGP driver and
> Nvidia DRVs.
> My system is composed by a Geforce3 Ti200 (by
> Creative) and an MSI KT4Ultra (KT400) . I've decided
> to use the FreeBSD AGP driver instead of the Nvidia
> one , but I'm getting the following problem:
> When I play to Enemy Territory (for now is the only
> game that I've tried) using HIGH_QUALITY options
> (1280x1024 + all 32bit +all effect to their max +
> texture compression NO ) after few time the textures
> start to flicker. The colors are strange , and after 1
> minute the Video Card starts to draw the textures in
> the wrong place (for examples it draws the texture of
> a  tank on the floor ) , after a couple of seconds all
> the screen starts to flicker , and then the system
> freeze. If I only enable the Texture compression (and
> so I reduce a bit the dimension of the textures) the
> problem disappears , and also if I reduce the quality
> of the textures (also reducing the size). I think that
> may be a memory allocation error in the AGP when it
> needs to write into the main memory , or something
> like this. 
Is the main menu OK now?

> Someone have my problem? 
Not this problem (well didn't try those options), but
the Nvidia driver causes my ttyv's to fail miserably:
any switch to a ttyv will cause the system to freeze,
which means that I can't even shutdown properly since
the system goes to ttyv first when doing a shutdown
from KDE/kdm. Games run fine though.

> Can someone solve it? I'd like to use the FreeBSD drv
> instead of the Nvidia one (I'd like to be more open
> that I can) 
After all, the Nvidia driver is still beta, so problems
can be expected.

> Ah , Nvidia AGP drv solve the problem 
I also have Nvidia AGP. FreeBSD AGP didn't change anything
for me with my ttyv problem. I'll try another resolution
(already tried colordepth). Have a look at 
http://www.soulwax.net/nvidia/faq.shtml ,
I found this an excellent FAQ.


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