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Fri Aug 1 00:24:30 PDT 2003

At 02:10 8/1/2003, Peter Rosa, wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>sorry for the stupid question, which should not be here,
>but sometimes you use phrase "OUT-OF-THE-BOX".
>It can be also found on FBSD web-pages. I'm not from
>english-speaking country and I really do not know what
>does it mean.
>Can you explain, please ?
>Thanks and regards.
>Peter Rosa


"Out of the box" probably means "from the beginning".  If
you buy a new monitor, and take it "out of the box" it probably
will work just fine for you and you will be happy.  You will then 
have had an "out of the box" experience, or "OBE".

Thinking "outside the box' means thinking in a manner that is 
unusual, or creative, or not within the confines of the ordinary.

Hope that helps.


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