Terminal detection and service redirection

J. Seth Henry jshamlet at comcast.net
Wed Apr 30 20:05:16 PDT 2003

This question actually relates to two problems, so hopefully I can kill
two birds with one stone.

I have setup several X terminals based on FreeBSD. I also have an IBM
NetStation 1000 (which is fast, but only 256 colors...). Unfortunately,
the NetStation, for some unbelievable reason, reverses the caps lock and
control keys. (ie, pressing CTRL issues a caps lock and vice versa). The
other terminals don't do this - so I would like to use xmodmap to correct
this only when I'm logged in from the NetStation.

The other task I need to do is redirect audio to the terminals. I have NAS
installed on the FreeBSD based terminals. Unfortunately, though the
NetStation has audio, it doesn't appear to use an NAS compatable protocol
(either that, or it isn't configured properly). Anyway, I would like to
redirect the KDE system sounds to the local speakers on the X terminals,
while NOT redirecting audio to the NetStation.

Anyway, I know how to remap keys using xmodmap. I am still trying to work
out how to redirect KDE's audio subsystem, and not having much luck - but
that's a separate issue. I have been able to pipe sound to the
terminals using mp3blaster and specifying NAS as the output device. Once I
figure it out, I would like to write a script to automate it. I login
using kdm, so I would think there might be a way to handle this in one of
the startup scripts.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

Seth Henry

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