Steve Bertrand iaccounts at northnetworks.ca
Wed Apr 30 11:08:48 PDT 2003

The education centre that I was attending Cisco courses is shutting down
and the owner graciously gave me an original FreeBSDMall FreeBSD handbook.

I would just like to voice my opinion that everyone should have a copy of
this book. I don't know what it costs from FBSDMall, but when I cracked it
open last night, it is actually a very nice read.

Usually I use the handbook as reference only, but it truly reads like a
nice novel when in nice printed form.

The book also came with an installation CD for those with dial-up
connections. I understand that this is not a commercial list, but to have
the FBSD Handbook in printed soft cover form is much nicer than expected.

My $0.02

Steve Bertrand

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