tk twice ?

Bill Moran wmoran at
Wed Apr 30 11:03:44 PDT 2003

Dick Hoogendijk wrote:
> pkg_info shows tk-8.3.5_1 and tk-8.4.1,1
> So I tought "get rid of the older one" ... wrong! tk-8.3 is needed by
> kdepim-3.1.1 Weird.. Why does kdepim-3.1.1 not use the newer tk?
> So I thought I'd deinstall kdepim and then tk-8.3.5 and afterwards
> portupgrade kdepim3 again. Bad idea.. waste of time.. tk-8.3 was
> installed back again..
> Can anybody explain why this happens?

Because the developer who wrote kdepim-3.1.1 used tk-8.3 and hasn't
upgraded to tk-8.4 yet.

> Is it wise to edit the makefile o
> kdepim?

Probably not.  It will probably cause kdepim to fail.  But you could
try it and see what happens.  Just back up the Makefile before you do
(so you can revert easily).  If it works, you should probably make a
patch and file a PR to get it fixed.

> What's so special about tk-8.3 that no other part of kde-3.1.1 needs
> this version? And version 8.4.1 is refused?

According to the tk docs: nothing.
A number of things are possible:
1) 8.4 claims to be compatable but really isn't
2) 8.4 would work OK but the port developer/maintainer just hasn't
    tested it enough to be confident yet
3) 8.4 would work, the port is just a little dated

There are other possible scenerios: those are the first three that
came to mind.
Why not do a "make maintainer" in the kdepim directory and point this
issue out the maintainer?  He may have a very good reason, or he may
say "Oops ... I'll fix that right away".

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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