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--- Bill Moran <wmoran at> wrote:
> As far as I know that document is still accurate.
> Why don't you make a 55G NTFS partition for Win2k and a 5G FAT partition that
> can be shared between all OSes?

Okay, here's my setup.

Two EIDE 100 GB drives. I want to partition each in half.

50 GB - Drive 0, Partition 0: Windows 2000 Professional, maybe eventually Windows XP Professional
50 GB - Drive 0, Partition 1 (not including boot and swap): taHdeR GNU/Linux 8.0 Professional.
50 GB - Drive 1, Partition 0 (not including boot and swap): Debian GNU/Linux (Woody)
50 GB - Drive 1, Partition 1 (not including boot and swap, if applicable): FreeBSD 5.1

I'd love to have this kind of a multi-boot setup.

I had a BIOS limitation so that my BIOS only supported up to 30-something GB. So, I had to install
Windows 2000 on an old 2 GB drive until I could get my BIOS issue resolved. I eventually flashed
my BIOS, so now I want to move Windows 2000 onto the first partition of the first drive (with 50
GB of space), and install the rest accordingly.

I would like to be able to access all partitions from all other partitions, so if I'm in Windows
2000 and want to edit a config file for taHdeR 8.0 (maybe tested first with cygwin), it'll be
easy, and I won't have to reboot to edit the file.

Or, maybe I'll want to boot into FreeBSD to get the hang of it, but will still want to be able to
go into the "My Documents" folder on the Windows 2000 partition to edit my "to do" plain text file
to eliminate the things I have to do to get a stable system with my Un*x operating systems all on
one machine.

It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to create the first 50 GB partition with Windows 2000
using FAT32, so I might have to break down and use NTFS. (Unless anyone knows of a good
disk-copying utility. I have created a 50 GB FAT32 partition with a Windows ME bootdisk using
fdisk and format, but can't copy all of the files over from the 2 GB HDD to the 50 GB partition,
even with xcopy. Fails when copying over StarOffice 6.0 directories.)

Also, anyone know of a good bootloader that will be able to handle Windows 2000, two GNU/Linux
distributions, and FreeBSD for multi-boot capability?

Wow. That was a lot. Thanks for reading.

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