Esoteric network setup question

Bill Moran wmoran at
Wed Apr 30 06:05:25 PDT 2003

inbox wrote:
> I have a hopefully not silly question;
> When I'm setting up my network, does it matter if I give the domain a 
> TLD or not?  Say I call my home network "myzoo".  I don't ever plan on 
> registering "" as a domain, and I don't ever plan on connecting 
> to my home network from the outside (TOS of my ISP forbids servers 
> anyways).  Should I call it "" or just "myzoo" in the network 
> configuration dialog or does it matter?  Do any programs expect a TLD 
> for the local domain?  The only reason I ask is every example in every 
> book I've seen has a TLD in the domain name, usually .com.

I don't know of anything that would cause you to _need_ the TLD in the
domain name.  You can probably get away without it.  Hell, I've run
machines with _no_ hostname with success (although apps seem to be getting
fussier about that and it doesn't seem to work any more).

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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