Cyrus-SASL + sendmail 8.12.9 + "group writable file"

David Babler dbabler at
Tue Apr 29 15:47:02 PDT 2003

On Tue, 29 Apr 2003, Scot W. Hetzel wrote:

> > Basic problem: sendmail errors with permissions/ownerships on
> > /usr/local/etc/sasldb
> >
> > Symptom:
> >  maillog entry "error: safesasl(/usr/local/etc/sasldb) failed: Group
> readable file"

> >
> I just rebuilt my 4.8 test system and have no problem with
> permissions/ownership on the /usr/local/etc/sasldb file as create by the
> security/cyrus-sasl port.
>     -rw-r-----  1 cyrus  mail    16384 Apr 29 16:46 sasldb
> I used the same settings as you had posted in your previous message.
> In your file does the 'O DontBlameSendmail' option have a
> '#' in front of it, if it does then it is being commented out. What's
> the value of the DontBlameSendmail option in the file?


O DontBlameSendmail=GroupReadableSASLDBFile

And it's the second non-comment line in the generated .cf file after

> Are you using the file, or a file to create the *.cf
> file?

Custom - lots of customized anti-spam rules, and I've been doing this
for years. I rebuild periodically as rules get updated, but this is the
first time I've seen this weird of an error.

> Also is the SENDMAIL_MC uncommented & defined to your file in
> /etc/make.conf file?

No, there's no SENDMAIL_MC in /etc/make.conf, but I use the
<hostname>.mc form for the .mc file and have been using the 'make cf
install restart' commands since they were added... before that, used to
build in /usr/src/contrib/sendmail/cf/cf using m4, copy the result by
hand and HUP sendmail. The whole .cf file gets built exactly as I'd
expect, except that ASMTP doesn't work. That's why this is so weird -
I'm not exactly new to sendmail!


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